Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry covers a lot of different procedures but it all has the same objective and that is to give our clients here at Marguerite Dental’s Mission Viejo / Orange County office a smile they are proud to show off.  There are many reasons people may want to have cosmetic dentistry done; to improve and correct bites, get rid of unattractive spaces between teeth, fix broken, chipped or irregularly shaped teeth and more. 
There are many types of cosmetic dentistry our Mission Viejo/Orange County office offers our clients:

• Composite Fillings- These are fillings that are tooth colored and are used to repair cracked, decayed, or fractured teeth.  The part of the tooth that is affected is removed and then the composite filler is added to fix the tooth.   Although fillings are durable, they may need to be replaced at a later time, but typically last a good length of time, making them a good choice for less severe issues.

Composite fillings can usually be placed in one appointment and is done by our dentist while the tooth is numb.  The affected part is removed during the time the tooth is numb and special medication will be added if the decay is close to any nerves.  Once the tooth is cleaned, the filler is added, shaped and polished.  Clients may experience some sensitivity to cold or heat initially, but this isn’t long lived and things should feel back to normal soon.

• Porcelain Crowns, also known as Caps- There are many different types of crowns, but porcelain is the most popular due to the fact that it is most like a natural tooth.  A crown is a case that covers the original tooth, restoring it to the correct size, shape and look.  It is most often used in the case of teeth that have been chipped or broken, worn down by teeth gritting, and teeth that are smaller than the others.

Porcelain crowns will require two appointments at our office.  During your first appointment, your teeth will be fit with a mold that will be used to make your permanent crowns.  During this visit you will also be fit with temporary crowns that will be worn on your teeth for about two weeks until your permanent crowns are ready.

• Porcelain Fixed Bridges- Bridges are non removable dental appliances that replace missing teeth.  These are used as an alternative to dental implants, if implants can’t be used for a particular client.  Getting bridges generally takes two or more visits to our office.  The teeth are numbed and then the two teeth on either side of where the bridge will be fit are prepared by taking a portion of the enamel off.

An impression is made of the mouth that will be sent off to have the bridges made. A temporary bridge is made that will be worn for several weeks until the permanent bridge is ready.  On the second visit, the permanent bridge is checked for proper fit and comfort for our client. Sometimes the dentist will only temporarily adhere the bridge to the client’s mouth to allow for them to get used to it, and then it will be attached permanently later.

No matter what type of cosmetic dentistry you need, be it porcelain crowns or something simpler such as teeth whitening, Marguerite Dental’s Mission Viejo / Orange County office can help you, so be sure to give us a call or email us for more information.